Open311 APIs

Inquiry/Information beta

The Inquiry/Information API is meant to be accessed to retrieve non-GeoReport-related content. This can be used for information which is typically provided to callers of a 311 system as an answer to their question. It supports three fundamental capabilities: services, facilities, and a “311 today” (RSS) feed.

Version 2 is meant to provide a more generic version of the Inquiry/Information API with extended features.

GeoReport v2

Service Discovery

GeoReport v2 and following versions are meant to be accessed via the Service Discovery mechanism to identify the status and version number for available endpoints in each jurisdiction. The service discovery mechanism is a requirement of the specification, but is meant to be independent and persistant beyond the GeoReport v2 version of the spec.

Please view the Service Discovery specification.


GeoReport v1


Clients (can send and view reports)

Client Libraries (API Wrappers)

Inactive APIs