This was taken from the Notes from Cities portion of the Open311 DevCamp Etherpad

General Description

Lagan, iphone app CitizenConnect. Webservice built into Lagan system, layer on top to make it easier for iphone app, tried to make it vender neutral. There are services delivered by Lagan, but there’s a webservice layer of abstraction on top of it, so you don’t need to know about their addressing scheme, their district yard, etc.. No problem with pushing data out, the problem is the format and transactional. How do other people submit requests for us, so we don’t have to develop our own apps, talked to SeeClickFix, so anyone can submit requests to us. Lot of IT is decentralized, so different dtps can maintain own apps, but they are trying to standardize as much as possible. For systems that have to stay, how can they integrate with their system? With an API on top, it doesn’t matter what system is underneath, that’s the longer term goal.