Open source developer resources for the GeoReport v2 specification.

Server Software

Server applications provide an API endpoint and can receive and manage reports.

Client Applications

Software that interacts with an Open311 server by connecting to an API.

Dashboards & Data Viz
Deprecated Projects

See also open source libraries for Visualizations

Client Libraries (API Wrappers)

Client libraries make it easier to build client applications that work with the spec.

  • PHP by Ronaldo Barbachano at Code for America
  • Python by Zach Williams at Code for America
  • Ruby Gem by Code for America labs et al (see it on GitHub)
  • Node.js by Mark Headd and Ben Sheldon
  • C# by Mark Headd
  • Clojure by Ryan Briones
  • Java by Santiago Munín at Code for America

Test Suites

Test suites are used to verify that a server is compliant with the specification.

Products & Services

See also GeoReport v2 Support for products and services.