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Inquiry v2 is meant to provide a more generic version of the Inquiry v1 API with extended features. As a draft page, this is meant to be used to propose and refine ideas over time. Supporting research can also be added here or linked from other pages.


  1. Get Category List: The list in v1 is NYC specific. Other cities might use other categories. Or do we want to standardize these categories for all US cities?

  2. Full text search queries on Services and Facilities

  3. New Services fields:

  • Where to get it : link to facility IDs that are providing this service. This is very useful for services that are not web enabled or require physical presence (text field)
  • What to bring: only for offline services: what to bring to the (pick-up) location to order or have this service processed (text field)
  • How long does it take: time indication from the moment of ordering to delivery (text field)
  • Costs: costs of this service (text field)
  • Who is responsible : link to facility IDs that are responsible for this service (text field) ### Research - [Inquiry Precedents](/Inquiry_Precedents "wikilink")