Mark-a-Spot is a full packaged Drupal distribution for public civic issue tracking. It’s shipped with an included Open311 GeoReport v2 Server. It offers an easy setup to display, categorize, comment, vote and rate places in urban environments and can can be used as a participation plattform or as an Open311 reporting tool for municipalities. Reports can be posted by registration-form, twitter or mobile app (via REST-API)

Name of company/organization

Mark-a-Spot Holger Kreis 50321 Bruehl, Germany

Extent of support

  • API endpoint: Open311 GeoReport v2 and built-in REST-API to change status and connect to backend systems.
  • Analysis and Visualization for status and service-based Lists and Map (OSM/Google Maps)

Website URL with information on product or service

Demo sites or live deployments, screenshots