Overview and revision history for San Francisco:

Get API Keys: http://apps.sfgov.org/Open311API/?page_id=486

Current APIs

Implementation History

April 2011

We’ve posted our Discovery service on the Open311 GeoReport v2 Servers page 1

We have added a few new services related to Blight, clarified services related to trees, and removed some that really should be called in to the center (like water main break!)

Feb 2011

We have launched our own Facebook application using the Open311 API [http://www.facebook.com/SF311#!/SF311?sk=app_128760367192739]

Production API Keys have been issued to:

  • Blockboard2
  • Citysourced3
  • HeyGov4
  • Mojipage5
  • SeeClickFix6
  • TweetMy3117