Public Call for November 22


  • Phil Ashlock - OpenPlans / Civic Commons
  • Andy Maimoni - San Francisco
  • Dave Mitchell - Connected Bits


Reviewing compliance of GeoReport v2 implementations. Use tracker and validator

Improving Documentation

Feedback on ways to improve the docs. Improving layout/organization & using interactive system like iodocs

API Toolbox: Some potential tools to leverage:

Notable Developer sites (these were not discussed on the call):

Prioritizing Future Spec Development

Reviewing prioritization of future development of spec. Follow-up from September mini-summit

  • Make releases theme based. Time-boxed. User driven, requirement driven. Weight this on the constituency.

Some broad theme areas:

  • data input: media upload, commenting
  • data output: pagination, more complex querying, etc
  • user management / authentication

Many requirements for NYC during meeting in September seemed driven by sys admins rather than users. Don’t want something so difficult to use or locked down that people don’t want to use it.

Anything Else?

  • Andy: way to handle push notification to get a dialogue with the customer. Even if anonymous, if you have the device_id, can ask the user for follow up.

How would comments be handled? Would they be the same as updates to status_notes? External public comments vs internal private comments?

  • Dave : this kind of functionality is targeted for 2nd quarter or so for us (april/may)