General Description

Call center launched 6 yrs ago. Largest 311 system, 45000 calls per day. Uses Siebal CRM for knowledge management, search system, manage SR, transmitted to different agencies. Also use varitey of work ticket systems mantained by different agencies, put all into Oracle bi system, that maintains tracking of requests. Used for broader transparency prograsm, CitiStat, some 311 data also available in difficult to consume formats, but working to change that. Website, 311 online. Also working to push people out of the phone channel, easier to manage, more cost-effective. That site has been available since June. Trying to expand capability to accept more types of request. Trying to expand into web 2.0 tech, eg twitter, facebook, but not yet really leveraging. Also have a contest going called Big Apps which started a few weeks ago. Currently has 172 datasets as part of that contest, but no API. Also has an Iphone app. Submit via email? Would like to change that, standard API. Lot of focus has been used for SR, but 311 also used to disseminate information. NYC would like to talk more about, how an API level system can help disseminate information, even though that’s more loosely structured. Architecture and workflow lifecycle of SR sytem? Someone will call, be in Siebel system, then at agency level, different types of connections. Agencies that directly access Siebel … Has business intelligence connection and data warehouse that has data from lots of agencies, agencies can manage from own sytem. They pull into bi system and put on their website, allows caller to have acces to call status

Usage Data

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The following datasets are bound by these Terms of Service

  • 311 Street Signs (XLS) A spreadsheet listing NYC 311 service requests and complaints about street signs
  • 311 Taxi Complaints (XLS) A spreadsheet listing NYC 311 taxi complaints
  • 311 Damaged Trees (XLS) A spreadsheet listing NYC 311 damaged tree information
  • 311 Broken Parking Meters (XLS) A spreadsheet listing NYC 311 broken parking meter information
  • 311 Consumer Complaints (XLS) A spreadsheet listing NYC 311 consumer complaint information
  • Street Conditions Observaton Unit, SCOUT/311 (XLS) Thee Street Conditions Observation Unit (SCOUT) is a team of inspectors based in the Mayor’s Office of Operations. Their mission is to drive every City street once per month and report conditions that negatively impact quality of life to 311. SCOUT inspectors send reports of conditions they observe to the 311 system, and 311 assigns the conditions to the relevant agency for appropriate corrective action - the very same way that 311 handles complaints from the public.The goal of the SCOUT program is to improve the street level quality of life in City neighborhoods, while enhancing the responsiveness of City government to quality of life conditions.