October 24, 2009

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Follow-up post

DevCamp IRC Log 2009-10-24

On October 24th, The Open Planning Project is hosting Open311 DevCamp at their NYC office. Please register to attend via Eventbrite (it’s free). This is a DevCamp style un-conference to coordinate a standard specification for 311 services. Washington D.C’s 311 API will be a major case-study for developing a more universal 311 API. In general, this DevCamp will be an opportunity to discuss and develop what’s needed to make 311 services more accessible and for cities to share knowledge for mutual benefit. The event is intended for developers, project managers, and policy makers involved with 311 services. We encourage those involved with 311 services from all cities to take part. If you cannot attend in person, please sign up as a remote attendee and we’ll provide you with information about how to connect to the DevCamp remotely.


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) This agenda is subject to change before the event. Add suggestions under the Agenda Suggestions heading below.

  • Get settled in with coffee and snacks
  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Edit or refine the agenda
  • Overview of the effort to open and coordinate 311 systems
  • Lunch
  • Look at existing 311 systems
  • Look at APIs
  • Establish core requirements
  • Unconference addendums and coding hackathon

Agenda Suggestions

Please add suggested issue items or demos for the agenda below:

  • Suggestion 1
  • Suggestion 2